Gasquet American Legion Post 548 was Chartered in May of 1956. It started with 5 Veterans who felt that they could help the Community Veterans of Gasquet and Del Norte County.

During the early years, its existence was not known well as there were 2 other Legion posts one in Crescent City and one in Smith River. However both of those posts and since shut down.

The National American Legion which started over 100 years ago and who’s preamble states that we will protect and serve the community, state and nation. The backbone of the American legion is its nearly 2 million members of The American Legion, making it the nation's largest wartime veterans service organization. The American Legion has more than 12,000 posts in communities throughout the United States. We will aid all veterans who need assistance and comradeship to those who have served out country and protect them and their families.

    Programs that are in the Legion are:
  • VA assistance with getting medical aid and care.
  • American Legion Baseball
  • Scouting
  • Scholarships for college for Veterans and their families.
  • Children and Youth assistance and care
  • Community events to raise money for such communities that need it.
  • The American Legion Boys and Girls State Program which send thousands of young Senior grade students to a weeklong program to help them learn about local, state and nation government.
  • Working along side the Red Cross concerning Blood Drives and emergency care and disasters
  • American Legion Riders motorcycle group which has funded over has awarded $3.6 million in aid to 401 military children of the fallen and disabled.

This past year with Covid in full swing Gasquet Post has still managed to do an array of programs for the Gasquet Area. We did a Children’s Christmas give away, now lets the Del Norte Rural Human Services set up the Food Bank in the Legion Hall. Served free meals in the community for the last 6 months. Made donations to other communities that were hit by the fires this last year. Do Buddy Checks on our members to see if anyone is having a tough time. Once a year we put on a meal during the Gasquet Raft Race and that helps us pay the bills and help the community. We also have invited each member and their spouse to a night out for dinner which the Post pays for the members dinner.

Gasquet has almost doubled its membership in the last 5 years and we hope to continue to grow. Many of the younger veterans that we have asked to join us tell that they do not have the time to do this as they are busy with their jobs and families. However, I say to that what do you think we did we worked, fed our families and helped veterans get the care they needed when the VA let us down and turned us down for care that was needed from after our service to our country.

1555 gasquet flat Rd, Gasquet CA.
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